Social Promotions And Contests

Now it’s time to accelerate your social presence

Once Social Marketer has spent time building your communities, developing perfect content for your audience, and analyzing all of the data, it’s then time to introduce advanced engagement campaigns for your audience.

This is where things get really fun! Social Marketer and your team will brainstorm specific engagement campaigns to accelerate results and meet your goals. Whether your goal is sales, email captures, brand exposure, or engagement, we’ll have a promotion that fits.

We’ve seen great success with User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns such as video, photo, and essay contests. Social Marketer has also utilized different apps for hashtag submittal contests, custom social media coupons to drive sales, and giveaways for email captures.


What are some options for your brand to consider?


Social Coupons

Do you have a specific product or a general offer you want to push out to your target audience? Social Marketer will create a custom coupon with an ad spend to reach your customers.


Sweepstakes & Raffles

Utilizing a sweepstakes campaign is a great way for businesses to capture emails from potential customers and rapidly increase engagement.


Photo Contests

Ask your customers to upload their photos of your products into a custom social app and then watch as their friends fill up your page to vote and engage.


Video Contests

Nothing spreads faster on social media than video. Gain clips of your audience using your product or sharing their love for your brand.



A custom quiz or poll is a quick and engaging way to push interactive content to your social channels.


Much more!

Have you seen something else or have an idea for your brand? Our team of Social Marketer would love to learn more about it. Click below to contact us and get started!