Social Media Management

Don’t Be Overwhelmed… Relax!

Developing and implementing an effective social media marketing strategy is not a walk in the park. We understand that, and if you’ve come to us, you realize there’s quite a bit involved in the process, and you can’t simply hand over the social marketing keys to your high school or college student nephew and expect to see business-altering sales results.

Social Marketer will create and implement a customized strategy just for your company. We’ll research the social channels that are best for you and identify your ideal customer base and then create amazing content that excites and energizes your target audience. We get you customers that will love you, and want to do business with your company!

We look for ways to continuously guide your community members through the social sales funnel, sending them links to your product sales page, website,  or getting local customers into your local business.

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Social Media Management Process Works?


Strategy Creation & Approval

A clear and consistent social media marketing strategy is developed with your target audience in mind to highlight your unique brand, story and value added proposition.



It’s now time for Social Marketer to build out the strategy for your company to communicate directly with your target market on various social media platforms. We keep it responsible, consistent and engaging.


Community Recruitment

We develop a community growth strategy to maximize your brand’s reach. Social Influencer marketing strategies can help to make inroads into your target market.


Monthly Analytics

Monthly reports of stats, engagement data and other analytics keep us all on the same page and moving forward. We identify what needs to change and what should be  further scaled to even higher success.


Strategy Evolution

A social media strategy must continuously evolve to stay fresh, relevant and interesting. Applying consistent analytics review and experienced measures of creativity makes this process happen smoother and faster.



Lather, Rinse and Repeat! We focus in and do more of what is working for your business. We scale our marketing efforts quickly and intelligently. Also, we remove what isn’t working to streamline the process and create greater efficiencies.